The business today is now relying to numerous applications and services from IT to perform their tasks that are vital to the business. For stellar IT support companies (like Teskostudio , a Toronto based IT support company)  the indicators of accomplishment or success is making sure that the employees may access important applications and the IT services that they need for their jobs. But then the issues affecting the performance and availability of the IT departments have been discovered by the end-user themselves. According to studies, the IT support departments are reactive than a proactive. This means that IT support will only learn about the issues when the end-user reports to the service helpdesk and open a report ticket.

The problem arises on the end of IT departments because they do not have the correct tools to monitor the experience of the end-users. They are just relying on the report when the issue arises. The lack of having the data available to the IT support becomes the hindrance in becoming proactive. The IT support must have a constant monitoring and also analytics solution that can provide the real-time happenings on the end-users and on the IT infrastructure.

The challenges of the reactive IT support will experience are the downtimes that can took longer than expected. This can result to disruptions that businesses would not want to happen since the productivity has stopped. In addition to this, the IT departments on reactive mode may not discover the main cause of the issues that possibly can still happen in the future. Most businesses or organizations can surely survive this however they will discover in the future that they are investing too many resources to address the issues within their IT support. They may not be able to move forward to other IT projects that can improve the delivery of service to their valuable end-users.

In having proactive IT support, with proper tools to monitor the end-users side, they will be able to detect the downtime and failures that may happen. Through this they will be able to immediately address the issue without end-users being affected. This will build up good customer relation and satisfaction too. This would be lessening the cost for the IT and of course for the business as well. This is like thinking ahead of the problems that may occur before it actually happens. If the business will think about this the IT departments are going to benefit from the reliable and predictable environment of information technology.

The IT support is the best people to rely on whenever there is a problem on the end-user. With the precise understanding of IT environment, they can solve the problems the soonest possible time before impacting productivity of the end-users. Then if the IT departments are able to proactively resolved the issues they need to ensure that the user experience will return to normal operations after the problems have been solved. This is making the IT department do better jobs than the reactive IT departments and making user and customer experience satisfying.