Workers in the industry of it consulting Toronto are likely interested in various news related to the industry. In fact, there’s recently been big news related to Huron Consulting Group. The company has just purchased ADI Strategies. It’s a United States based specialist in Oracle that has various focuses. They include risk management, management of enterprise performance, as well as business intelligence. The deal will result in 100 or more ADI workers joining the payroll of Huron in various regions including North America, the Middle East, and Asia. This is certainly major news that affects reliable software development in Baltimore City, where the industry has been expanded greatly in recent years.

ADI Strategies was founded over a decade ago in 2002. It’s a Platinum Partner for Oracle that aids companies in working more effectively. That’s through building, designing, as well as implementing various types of analytic solutions. That gives customers a better understanding of their information assets. The company is based in California’s Bay Area in San Francisco. However, it also has several other offices throughout the world. They include various locations in the United States, India, Turkey, and UAE. This definitely makes it a very versatile company.

One of Huron’s biggest goals is to expand its IT consulting sector. The company has decided to purchase ADI Strategies to help achieve that goal. The acquisition is expected to be completed sometime in May 2016. However, the details of the terms of the purchase haven’t been made public.

What’s known is that over 100 workers will join Huron’s unit of Business Advisory. Meanwhile, various senior leaders working at ADI Strategies will join the company headquartered in Chicago in order to become managing directors. Worldwide, Huron has more than 2,500 consultants who produce revenues of about $700 million. This highlights the major impact the business deal will have on the industry.

Jay Laabs is the managing director at Huron He said that the transaction will in act form one of the biggest Oracle application/analytics business in the entire US. He said that combining the two businesses puts Huron in a better situation to support the operational, tech, and financial needs of its growing worldwide client base. It provides a stronger team as well as wider solutions. The new product offerings will focus on cloud-based solutions from Oracle. He stated that clients keep moving towards cloud for functions that are mission-critical. The company will use its ADI Strategies Oracle know-how to provide a full set of solutions that are supported by improved capability in terms of remote delivery.

Meanwhile, Mario Desiderio is the president of ADI Strategies. He said that his company is very excited about joining Huron He stated that Huron/ADI Strategies have a similar set of values as well as a very strong commitment to providing client service. Combining the two companies will form an organization that’s able to capitalize on the various opportunities in the market by quickly changing applications for enterprises, tech and analytics.

In last 2015 Huron sold its legal division to an advisory company.