About us


We are a hard trained group of writers and editors all with an uncontrollable passion for new technology. So much that we get very excited when a new device gets released, we use it and test it as most of our readers would and let them know before they buy. Because of that, we are always testing new devices, and writing the discoveries we come across to help future  users.

The same type of involvement with the content published on the platform has earned us a reputation of being not only correct, but true to the passion that drives thousands of individual visitors to the platform on a daily basis.

None of the staff working in our creative labs would ever turn down a discussion with the readers. Being an engagement based content company, the daily communication we receive always completes the circle of content dispersing we strive week in and week out for.

Over time, the need to stay active has been a cause for failure among the other companies supplying content, we have adjusted to this by being as educational as possible and allowing as many types of readers to benefit from the research as possible.